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Williamsport Sun: December 21, 1927 – Post Office Now in Midst of Big Christmas Mail

The Williamsport post office is doing one of the greatest, if not greatest, businesses in its history. The volume of trade, especially in greeting cards, is possibly greater than expected, but every preparation was made in advance to handle the business, and the work is being accomplished without a hitch.

Superintendent of Mails, Hayes McEwen said today that he has 50 extra men at work and nine extra trucks are in service. Regularly, 10 trucks are employed. It is expected to handle 150,000 pieces of mail today and the same amount of pieces are expected on Friday.

Today the first big consignment of Christmas greetings went out, although thousands of cards already have been delivered by carriers. The scheme of the post office department in Washington to have senders of local greeting cards to have them deposited by December 15 worked out very well. Much time was saved with the inauguration of this plan.

An ongoing parcel post mail is being worked on in the post office garage, near Third and Hepburn Streets. Here from 400 to 500 sacks of parcel post are handled daily. The number of sacks will be doubled that it is expected on Friday and Saturday. Working the large parcel post mail in the garage gives more room to work the first class in the post office proper.

More and larger tables have been placed in the post office lobby for the use of the public in addressing and wrapping packages and they are well patronized all day long. Windows at the post office will be kept open until 9 o’clock this evening and on Thursday and Friday evenings. The sub post offices are being well patronized as well.