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Williamsport Sun: November 28, 1936 – South Side to Entertain CCC Camp Wednesday

South Williamsport, as a community, will entertain the men of the Livonia Camp 66 of the Civilian Conservation Corps on Wednesday evening next week at a banquet, entertainment and dance. Over 165 enrollees are expected to attend.

Ever since the St. Patrick’s Day flood the residents of the borough have had in mind some kind of activity to show their appreciation to the CCC boys for all the work done by them in cleaning up the borough. Various suggestions have been made and it was decided to put on a banquet and dance.

Mrs. James Clinefelter is the general chairman of the affair and will be assisted by Mrs. Scott Romig and Mrs. William Hamm, as a banquet committee, Mrs. Irvin Calvert and Mrs. Harry Harrison, dining room, Mrs. Ralph Steinbacher and Mrs. Clinefelter entertainment.

The Community House on West Southern Avenue, which was completely remodeled after the flood, is to be used for the event. The banquet will be served at 6 o’clock. During and following the banquet there will be speaking and singing with music by Frank Bernardi’s orchestra.

For the three weeks following the flood, the CCC boys worked mostly in the First Ward, along the river to the east of the borough cleaning up the debris.

The community’s appreciation has been expressed by the raising of a fund to be used in entertaining the CCC campers.

Capt. John P. Dean, camp commander, who brought his boys and their equipment into the borough within eight hours of the flood height, is to be specially honored.