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Grit: October 7, 1934 – Fire Prevention Week Program Promoted by Chief M.E. Clark

Inaugurating a new program for Fire Prevention Week, which begins today and continues through Saturday, Chief Michael E. Clark, city fire chief, announced yesterday that he has completed arrangements with public school officials to recruit school pupils between the ages of 9 and 13 as “junior firemen.”

The junior firemen have been organized to aid the fire department to combat fires that have their origins in carelessness and neglect about the home.

Uniformed firemen will visit the classrooms to give the pupils enrollment cards by which they promise “to be ever watchful” in their homes and to “warn playmates and others of the dangers of fires.” The children will take the cards home to their parents who will be asked to check each point about the home that is mentioned on the card.

Firemen will return to the school the next to collect the cards which will be kept on file by Chief Clark.

Councilman Frank W. Henninger, director of public safety has announced that another feature of the fire prevention week will be an “open house” at all fire stations in the city this week.

He has invited the public to support the stations during the day or in the early evening. Firemen on duty will conduct the visitors through the building, answering questions and explaining the usefulness and functions of the various items of equipment. They will also demonstrate the correct method of sending and responding to alarms.

The object of the “open house,” which the director of public safety expects to make a semi-annual practice, is to familiarize the public with the extent of the Williamsport firefighting equipment and in the numerous ways the fire department is organized and equipped to safeguard the city.

Firemen will also make inspections in other portions of the city to prevent fires in the future, Chief Clark said.