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Williamsport Sun: September 26, 1940 – Police to Jail to Halt Petty Crimes

Police resorted today to confining young offenders to the County Jail in an effort to halt the expanding list of burglaries and thefts committed by juveniles this month.

In the background were complaints submitted late Wednesday and today of four new burglaries and three larcenies from automobiles. Some of the burglaries yielded little or no value

Decks at various places were ransacked. Thirty-five cents was secured at an art store, and pennies from the cash register. A radio was taken from a laundry along with some lead pencils.

Entrance was gained by breaking windows in two of the burglaries and forcing a hasp on another. All circumstances point to the probability that the same gang of juveniles arrested for seven burglaries on September 14.

When apprehended, they will be committed to the County Jail to await court instead of being released, as is usually the case with juveniles, police said.

Captain Joseph M. Schmucker, city detective, Sgt. Theodore M. Walters, and Patrolman Clifford Pfleegor, Crime Prevention Officer, worked on the case.

Patrolman Pfleegor said commitment to jail in the juvenile quarters is the only alternative he has left to stop the crimes as they are committed by boys whom he cannot trust to be released on their own responsibility.

The officer is still trying to untangle the conflicting tales told by a group of boys between the ages of eight and ten years in connection with the burglaries ten days ago.

Meanwhile, as a result of the radio theft from the laundry, Tommy Wong, 17, no address given, was committed to the County Jail.