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Gazette and Bulletin: September 14, 1945 – Chief Issues Warning to People Carrying, Buying Firearms Without Permit

A warning to Williamsport citizens against either carrying or buying and selling firearms without a permit was issued Thursday afternoon by Williamsport Police Chief John G. Good.

Chief Good was induced to emphasize the importance of people having permits for guns and revolvers by the following conditions.

1. The hunting season is near and many sports enthusiasts will be tempted to use revolvers now to sharpen their shooting skills through target practice.

2. There are many foreign made guns sent home by servicemen overseas which require that owner get a permit before they can be used.

3. Swapping and selling of guns is going on by unlicensed individuals who apparently don’t realize that they must obtain a permit in order to engage in such business. There is a strong possibility of these weapons getting into the hands of youngsters who are not entitled to a license and may use them mischievously.

The chief laid special emphasis on the third situation involving a need for a license to buy, sell or loan firearms. He stated that there are only two licensed dealers of firearms in the city of Williamsport, both of them downtown stores. This would make private individuals who advertise weapons for sale violators of the law by not having a permit for the buying and selling of firearms. Chief Good declares that such persons should turn over the firearms they wish to trade to licensed dealers who can distribute them lawfully.

In order for anyone in Pennsylvania to obtain a permit to carry a firearm, Chief Good said he or she must be 18 years of age or older, of a good reputation and with a substantial reason for carrying a deadly weapon.