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Williamsport Sun: August 31, 1920 – Continued Work of Assessing Women Desiring to Vote

Some of the wards of the city pulled up strong last evening before 10 o’clock when the assessors who are assessing women who wish to vote in the coming November election, closed the polls for the day. The assessors were “on the job” again at 8 o’clock this morning, and will be at various polling places again this afternoon from 2 to 6 o’clock and 7 to 10 this evening. The same hours for assessing will prevail again tomorrow, the last day a woman can be assessed to cast her vote in November.

As this voting business is something entirely new in the activities of women, it was expected that they would ask all kinds of questions of the assessors, and they did.

One woman who was assessed at the Third Ward polls rather amused Assessor Thomas B. Hagerman, after her name had been taken and she had paid the tax by remarking: “Now who should I vote for — Cox or Harding?” Mr. Hagerman just laughed for an answer.

There were 40 assessed in the Third Ward and up to 10 o’clock this morning six had called and given their names. Mr. Hagerman expects to assess a total of 150 women by tomorrow evening.

Erma Moore of Maple Street was the first to be assessed in the 12th Ward, where a total of 28 gave their names as voters. Annie Butler of Cherry Street was the first and only colored woman to this ward on the first day.

The Second Ward assessed a total of 57 women, while in the Seventh Ward a total of 31 were assessed.

The assessors began work throughout the county today and will continue the work tomorrow, with two days having been set aside for work in the county districts.