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Williamsport Sun: August 10, 1927 – Department of Health Will Insist Upon Vaccination for School Children

The Department of Health of Williamsport has just received from the Pennsylvania Department of Health in Harrisburg a consignment of vaccination certificates. The time for the full opening of the schools is approaching and the health authorities are preparing for the occasion.

With the vaccination certificates came a letter to Dr. Robert F. Trainer, city health officer, in which it was stated that there were “very few legitimate causes of disability from the vaccination of certain of their child patients.” The letter further states that the State Department of Health has established that “any child well enough to be in school is a subject for vaccination.”

Dr. Trainer said that last year, on the approach of the opening of schools, he had some trouble with some doctors who objected to the vaccination of certain of their child patients on the grounds that they were not well enough to receive the serum.

Dr. Trainer today received from the State Department of Health to affect that Davitt’s Camp had reported two cases of tuberculosis that came from Williamsport, and which should have been reported by the attending physicians here. Dr. Trainer was asked to get in touch with the attending physicians and find out why they did not report these cases. The city health officer will do as requested.