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Williamsport Sun: August 3, 1930 – Russian Mission Visits Muncy to Study Machinery

Peter A. Kozmin, professor at the Moscow College of Flour Milling, Grain Director and Grain Industries of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, heads a party spending several days in Muncy in the interest in the grain industry of his native land. He is associated with a school of about 1,500 students.

He is accompanied by L.M. Landa, director of the Odessa College of Milling Industry which has about 1,200 students.

Kozin spoke positively of the concept of collective farming now going on inside Russia. Their advantages have already been demonstrated he asserts.

“By the end of the Five-Year Plan we will have to mill for our own use, approximately two billion bushels of wheat and barley alone, and by the end of the next Five-Year Plan in 1937, three billion bushels.”

Russia requires about 1,000 flour mills for cities and industrial centers and a minimum of 30,000 mills for the village population.

The old mills are equipped with old and obsolete machinery, and it is in connection with this, that the mission Professor Kozin heads has been sent to America and to Muncy specifically, to study the latest developments in milling methods and machinery.

Professor Kozin talks freely and optimistically about the agricultural situation in the Soviet Union. He said the Soviet government’s policy is to introduce modern lines of machinery into all lines of industry with special attention to agriculture which was in such a state that the average peasant under the old regime “did not even have iron nails.”

The purpose of their visit to Muncy is to inspect flour mill machinery and flour mill building works of the Robinson Manufacturing Company. Professor Kozin is delighted with the visit here and is highly pleased with the Sprout-Waldron Company and Robinson Manufacturing Company.