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Williamsport Sun: July 27, 1955 – Army Reports Dikes Near Completion

The Williamsport flood control project is rapidly nearing completion, city council was advised today in a letter from the Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore, Md.

All work under two government contracts, now has been substantially completed, Maj. John A.B. Dillard of the Baltimore office reported. Levee Unit 48, which is the section on the west bank of Lycoming Creek from High Street to West Third Street will be finished this week.

Included in the unit is one mile of earthen levee 525 linear feet of flood wall, five drainage structures and aluminum flood barrier at Memorial Avenue.

The second contract, which is expected to be fulfilled within 10 days, is work at the Spring Run and Mill Race Pumping Stations.

Responsibility for operation and maintenance of the units will be transferred to the city. City and engineering officials will conduct an inspection at 9 a.m. August 10. The army will be represented by F.R. Deland, chief, operations division.

Remaining to be finished will be Levee Unit 4C and one other contract for miscellaneous work.

A third contract for seepage relief wells along the right bank of Lycoming Creek, which was recently awarded, will be completed in early winter.

All work to the city will be transferred about October 15.