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Williamsport Sun: July 20, 1920 – Six Suits Stolen from Troisi Store in Bold Burglary

The police today investigated a robbery that took place at the Troisi tailoring establishment, 431 Pine Street, where entrance was made sometime during the night or early morning and goods valued at several hundred dollars were removed. It is believed that the affair occurred after midnight.

The establishment occupies the middle storeroom of the Larrivee Building on Pine Street. The police learned that entrance was made from the rear. A wire screen covering a window was broken through and an instrument used to break the windowpane. The glass in the window is reinforced with wire. The hole was made large enough so that the thief could reach the latch on the inside. The window was opened, and the store ransacked.

Six suits of clothes, three of which were new, and three left at the store for repair, were removed by the thief or thieves. Materials and trousers were carried to the window but left in the store. The proprietor of the store was making an inventory to determine if materials were taken with the suits of clothes. The intruders left by the rear window.

The army recruiting station in the federal building reported to the police last evening that a motorcycle with side car attachment owned by the recruiting station had been stolen from the front of the federal building. The vehicle is painted in the regulation olive drab and is a Harley-Davidson machine.

The police also received a report that six watermelons were lying in the rear of the Plankenhorn bottling works in Newberry. An investigation to determine the owner is being made.