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Williamsport Sun: July 14, 1942 – Merchants to Observe Hero Day Program

Efforts of a carnival spirit prevail in downtown Williamsport when the city observes “American Heroes Day” to promote the sale of war bonds and stamps were pushed by the merchants today.

A number of stores will have patriotic booths in front of their places o business staffed with women defense workers attired in patriotic and historic costumes to focus the public’s attention on the heritage for which the boys are now fighting.

Richard G. Lowe, county chairman of the sale of war bonds and stamps, was busy endeavoring to find a hero to address merchants and employees at a mass meeting at the Capitol Theater which will touch off the drive, Friday at 8 a.m.

Literally, bonds and stamps will become curbstone business with the goal being “over the top” in Lycoming County’s share to fund the war effort.

Directors of the Merchants Bureau met at the Community Trade Association offices today and reviewed the plans made thus far.

Efforts are being made to secure several tanks to add color and interest to the business district effort.

Girl Scouts have taken on the task of delivering tags to merchants who will then to war stamp and bond buyers during the all- day savings sale.

White tags will be given to those who buy one dollar’s worth or more of war stamps. The red tag will be worn by the bond buyers. It will truly be “Dollar or More Day” for war savings.

The public is being asked to look upon the event as an inducement to save. The money spent is looked upon as an investment not a contribution, it is emphasized.

The Community Trade Association was working on the task of securing at least musical groups to play throughout the say. Some difficulty has been encountered because many of the members of such organizations are war plant workers and are unable to get the day off.