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Williamsport Sun: June 28, 1912 – Music and Crowds Afloat and Ashore

After the moon had climbed over the rim of Bald Eagle Mountain last night, as the moon played hide and seek among the clouds, music began to flow from a highly decorated and lighted flat boat that was anchored in the channel of the river at Fischer Park while numerous craft of the Susquehanna Canoe club, with lights in bow and stern, gathered about the flat boat or stood off at the distances that were judged best for enjoying the melody which was furnished by the Repasz Band.

The band was loaded on a flat boat by launches. It was 8:30 o’clock before the first music was let loose. The floating band stand was too far out in the river to render all parts of the music audible to city shore and the snorting and puffing of trains on the Nisbet branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad on the city side of the Philadelphia and Reading put the band in eclipse. Folks who had their nerves frazzled by the passing trains while the band was in the midst of fine passage were thankful there were no more railroad noises than there were.

The bobbing canoes on the river furnished a pretty spectacle, their lights looking in the distance like fireflies hovering over the water. In addition to the canoes and other hand propelled craft there were many power launches out, some equipped with automobile sirens. These were kept muffled during the concert but before the musicians tuned their pipes and reeds the river autos had something to say as they churned about among the lesser members of the mosquito fleet.

The concert lasted until 10 o’clock. The benches at Fischer Park accommodated only a few persons compared with the size of the crowd, which from first to last ran into the thousands, part of whom were on the move the whole time. Those who could not find seats took to the grass or the sand on the riverbanks.