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Williamsport Sun: June 9, 1928 – Band of Gypsies Rounded Up Here Following Theft

Eli Miller, aged 35 and his band of 35 gypsies occupying five large autos, were taken into custody earlier today by members of the police department after a local garage man had reported the theft of $325 in money from him.

The automobile dealer was busy on a long-distance telephone call when four of the women appeared at his place of business and wanted to tell his fortune and do a dance for him. In the few minutes the gypsies were in the place, the man alleges that he lost $325 to pickpockets.

Chief of Police Louis Russie and Captain J.D. Andrews, and Motorcycle officers T.R. Logan and H.C. Beck were soon on the trail of the nomads. One carload was found on Third Street. Three motor cars were located on Rose Street and the fifth at Cemetery and Rose streets. They were directed to police headquarters.

The party was composed of 10 men, 10 women and 15 children. They used three touring cars and two closed cars. Each car was loaded with beds, clothing and tents. All the gypsies were placed in the detention cells with the exception of one woman, who complained of being ill. The tags on the cars were from the District of Columbia and Indiana.

Shortly after arriving at police headquarters, the gypsies secured Michael Maggio as attorney. Chief Russie allowed the gypsies to go if they returned the $325 stolen and got out of the city. Late this afternoon they were still trying to raise enough money to make good the theft.