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Williamsport Sun: June 1, 1915 – City Commission to Give $50 Aid to the Famous Repasz Band

Councilman Charles E. Cole, superintendent of finance for city council at a council meeting held this morning, introduced a resolution providing for an appropriation of $50 be given to the Repasz Band to aid in recovering the loss in yesterday’s disastrous fire at the Lycoming Opera House in which the well-known local band had its quarters. The resolution was introduced in executive session and received no opposition.
The resolution is a follows:

“Whereas, in the Lycoming Opera House fire the music, instruments and belongings of the famous Repasz Band were completely destroyed inflicting a well-nigh irreparable loss.

“And whereas the history of this well-known musical organization is so closely allied to the city’s growth and progress it seems proper that city authorities should take some action on account of this misfortune.

“Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Council of Williamsport that we deplore the misfortune that has befallen the Repasz Band and the sum of $50 is hereby appropriated from the contingency fund to aid in the recouping the losses which have been so unfortunately sustained.”