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Williamsport Sun: April 15, 1922 – Decide to Hold Big Community Chest Campaign

Williamsport will have a Community Chest. This was decided at a meeting of the executive committee held yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock in the city hall.

Chairman Edgar Munson, of the welfare corporation was authorized at this meeting to appoint a committee to secure a competent director for this campaign and things now will begin to move shortly.

The committee appointed later, is composed of: McCormick Dawson, F.A. Measler and William R. Milliner. Mr. Milliner said today, that they would go right to work and if they could not get a competent head for the drive here they would go out of town. The campaign will be conducted like all other drives for funds in Williamsport that have been waged in Williamsport before, with teams of workers, noonday meetings and all other activities that characterize the other busy weeks that have gone before.

At the meeting yesterday afternoon, Chairman Munson said that after all the meetings and discussions the Community Chest project was no more advanced than it was six months ago. A motion to go ahead with the Community Chest was made to proceed at once. A motion to go ahead was made by Dr. J.K. Rishel and was passed unanimously.

The amount raised by the campaign this year might be $100,000 and then again and this amount may be included in this budget are the cash needs of the 13 charitable and educational institutions, it is said. Included in this are the Home for the Friendless, the Health Center, Girls Training Center, the Social Services Bureau, Florence Crittendon Home, YMCA, Salvation Army, YWCA, Aged Colored Ladies Home, Community House, and Children’s Aid Society.

Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr