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Gazette and Bulletin: March 28, 1921 – Williamsport Hotels to Complete Hotel in Year

The Williamsport Hotels Company on Saturday let the contract for the new hotel which is to be erected at the corner of the northwest corner of Fourth and William streets. The general construction was awarded to the W.M. Sutherland Company of St. Louis, Missouri and Erie, Pa. The contracts for the mechanical equipment covering heating and ventilation, electrical wiring, plumbing etc. went to one contractor, the W.G. Cornell Company of New York City.

The building is to be ready for ready for occupancy by April 1, 1922.

The cost of the finished hotel building it was announced will be kept to $800,000. The price does not cover the furnishings. William Lee Stoddart of New York City, who designed the new hotel contemplates a structure nine stories in height which will tower 120 feet above the sidewalk. Mr. Stoddart designed the Penn Harris Hotel in Harrisburg and other large hotels in the country.

The basement and ground floors will cover the entire area, 84 feet front on Fourth Street by 200 feet deep to West Edwin Street. The bedroom floors will cover two thirds of the front portion of the plot. The building will be so constructed that an additional 100 rooms may be added on when needed.

Two more large rooms for renting purposes and a large lunchroom will be located in the front part of the building on Fourth Street, with the main lobby 40×90 feet, in the center of the building. A second main entrance will be on the William Street side of the building.

Off the main lobby, taking in the entire frontage of Fourth Street, will be main lounge and ballrooms, two stories high, 32 x 80 in dimensions, with a mezzanine balcony overlooking it. The dining room, 46 x 52, will be located in the rear, with the kitchen taking in the rear section of the block.