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Family Activities to Get Kids Off the Couch

Hey y’all! Guess what?! Daylight Savings time begins on Sunday! You know what that means right? Well, first, it means you need to check your smoke alarms/CO detectors and make sure they are all in working order. Oh and see if you can finally figure out how to change that clock on your microwave, or in your car!

It also means that we are almost to spring, and that we are finally getting our daylight back!

That means it’s time to get up, get outside and get moving!

Thanks to more and more people having insanely busy weekday schedules that have everyone running in different directions for work, school and extracurricular activities, weekends are an ideal time to recharge. But recharging doesn’t need to mean sitting on the couch while your phone charges!

Kommando Tech says people spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones each day, with Americans spending 5.4 hours a day using phones. Those statistics do not include how much additional time is likely spent on devices like tablets or laptops.

Chances are phones are being used while lazing on the couch or bed, something that has negative health consequences for many children and adults. Accoring to, an inactive lifestyle can lead to weight gain, loss of muscle strength, weak bones, diminished immune system response, and poor blood circulation. These fun activities can get kids and parents off the couch on weekends.
Take a family bike ride

Inflate those tires and tighten your helmet chin straps. A family bike ride is an ideal activity for the family because it is something that can be enjoyed by all age groups. Choose the pace and the terrain based on the age of the youngest and/or oldest rider (flat, easy-to-navigate paths for the very young or the elderly) and enjoy exercise in the great outdoors. The Riverwalk and the miles and miles of bike paths in our area means access to safe places to ride and enjoy some nature are pretty easy to find!
Wash the cars

It’s a chore, but it’s one that has the potential for lots of laughs along the way — and possibly a suds fight. Washing vehicles also is a great way to cool off when the weather is warm. It’s probably still a little chilly for this, but keep it in your back pocket for later in the year!
Engage in sports training

Whether the kids participate in organized sports or not, set up an obstacle course or fitness circuit in the backyard. Everyone takes turns going through the course. The family can spend time together as everyone gets beneficial exercise. Or really, just hit one of those bike paths, and go for a family walk.
Do a walking tour

Educational attractions like museums, zoos, aquariums and arboretums are great to visit on weekends. The family will see new sights and learn important information about exhibits, all the while walking a few miles. The Little League Museum and Reptiland are great options without even needing to leave town!
Check out a driving range

Practice golf swings at a driving range or a virtual driving range. Everyone can compete to see whose drive is the longest. There is a golf simulator at Liberty Arena that would be perfect for this! Speaking of…
Liberty Arena/Kaos/FlyWorld

Take a trip downtown and check out this facility. Arcade, golf simulator, batting cages, trampoline park, laser tag…the Arena has a bunch of options to keep a family moving all day long!

The possibilities for physically active family engagement are endless and beneficial for the body in myriad ways. So get out and enjoy the longer days!