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“Valuable Ammunition”

Whether you are a hunter or a target shooter, or both, you are keenly aware of just how valuable ammunition is these days. Not only is it usually as scarce as hen’s teeth, but when you find it, it is as expensive as all get out. But, I am not actually referring to ammo for your favorite shotgun, rifle, or handgun – I am referencing ammunition that is actually free and, when used properly, can be much more valuable, especially in preserving the hunting and shooting sports that we each enjoy. Recently published statistical data reveals the huge economic impact that the contribution from hunting and target shooting in America has on our national, state, and every congressional district’s economies.

In the recently released report by the Sportsmen’s Alliance, it is revealed that recreational hunters and sport shooters contributed $149 billion to the national economy, supported nearly 970,000 jobs, and created over $45 billion in wages and income in 2020! The economic impact of hunting and sport shooting is tremendous on the national level but has a crucial impact on state and local economies as well.

Across the United States in 2020, there were 15 million hunters who spent more than $49.4 billion on hunting purchases.

Add to that 20 million target shooters who spent in excess of $15.7 billion on shooting purchases! In that same year, hunters generated $5.4 billion in state and local taxes and $8.3 billion in federal taxes, while target shooters generated another $2.2 billion in state and local taxes and $3.2 billion in federal taxes.

So what are the “bragging rights” of those in Pennsylvania who are hunters and target shooters? Well, in 2020, Pennsylvania hunters numbered 780,000 and spent $1.2 Billion on hunting-related purchases, generating $99 million in state and local taxes and $145 million in federal taxes. Target shooters numbered 861,000 and spent $676 million on target shooting-related purchases, generating $70 million in state and local taxes and $98 million in federal taxes.

Now, let’s break it down even further and look at how our local Congressional District 12 contributes to these statistics. Of the statewide totals, in 2020, District 12 represented 64,200 hunters and $96 million in spending. Target shooters numbered 57,500 participants and accounted for $45 million in spending.

District 12 hunters and target shooters combined to generate $13 million in state and local taxes and $19 million in federal taxes!

Now, here are a few more highlights from the report:

Nationally, deer hunters spent more than $23 Billion, producing $2.5 Billion in state taxes and $3.8 Billion in federal taxes.

Nearly 20 million sport shooters spent more than 398 million days shooting in 2020!

If hunting and shooting were a company, the jobs it supports would place it as the third-largest private-sector employer, and the $65 Billion in retail sales that it generates would place it at fifty-second on the Fortune 500 list!

Alright, then, “How,” you ask, “Is all of this information to be labeled as Valuable Ammunition?”

The data revealed in this economic impact study makes it much easier for sportsmen to educate friends, family, and legislators on the importance of hunters and sport shooters to our national, state, and local economies, as well as conservation funding at the state and federal levels.

There are many folks today that have never had the opportunities that you and I may have had to learn about and enjoy hunting and target shooting. They often are not opposed to the idea; they simply were never exposed to it. You would be amazed when the opportunity arises for someone to try hunting or target shooting for the first time, just how well received the chance might be. Sharing some of the above data helps people realize the tremendous and positive impact hunting and target shooting have on the economy. Further, the money that is generated through hunting and target shooting is a major factor in supporting the conservation efforts to preserve, promote and protect all the species of wildlife that hunters and non-hunters alike can enjoy for generations to come.