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It’s Flippin’ Freezing – Stay Inside!

Y’all. Despite living the majority of my life in central PA, I am just not built for how cold it’s been recently. As I write this, it’s a whopping 7°. That, my friends, is bull…nevermind…

So right now, my only option is to stay inside as much as a I can. Here in the office, I’m armed with my trusty heated blanket, in my car I have remote start and heated seats, and at home I have more blankets than one person really should own.

But if we are stuck inside avoiding the cold, what are we going to do to keep ourselves entertained?

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is how to be inventive. Many facets of daily life have changed as a result of the COVID, and quite a number of people have discovered new things about themselves in the process — including interesting ways they can keep busy.

I am the queen of new hobbies (I actually have the newest coming in the mail today), and all my new hobbies tend to emerge in the winter as a way to stave off cabin-fever. These activities can also be good ways to pass the time in safe manners when social distancing from others. Consider trying one of these ideas to help keep the winter blues at bay, spend some quality time with the fam, and if you need to, kill some time while quarantining!
Themed movie night

Set aside one night each week for a family movie night. The twist is that each week the movie selection must fit a particular theme or contain a certain criterion chosen randomly from a jar. For example, if “animal” is selected, then the movie must be about animals or have an animal as a main character or component of the film. A theme helps add some variety to the movie selection process.
Classic game night

Many homes have a closet or drawer filled with various games. Chances are many of them are classic offerings that have withstood the test of time, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, or Trouble for smaller set. Revisit these beloved games and see if you can improve your strategies.
Action game night

Look for games that involve action and give all ages a chance to win. Action games combine a physical activity and family interaction. Games can be commercial offerings with regimented rules, or freestyle games that the family creates. Relay races, timed scavenger hunts or physical games like Twister® are some options. You also can divide up into two groups and engage in a heated game of charades.
Puzzle or trivia night

Puzzles can put the brain to the test. Research shows that puzzle and trivia work can strengthen cognition. Puzzling actually stimulates the brain and can potentially ward off Alzheimer’s disease, according to a recent study published in the Archives of Neurology. If you like to do jigsaw puzzles, you can improve visual-spacial reasoning by figuring out where pieces fit into the big picture.

Spending time at home can involve movie or game nights that become part of families’ weekly routines.