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Amateur Radio and Baseball Link Tennessee Little Leaguer and Local Man at Recent Little League World Series

Amateur Radio and Baseball Link Tennessee Little Leaguer and Local Man at Recent Little League World Series

The world of amateur, or “ham” radio links many people across the globe and is a fun and interesting hobby for those who enjoy it. One local man, Marty Mauer, is quite passionate about his involvement in amateur radio. Still, he had no idea that it would end up linking him with a participant in this year’s Little League World Series and his family.

Mauer is a retired teacher and is a veteran PIAA and NCAA softball, basketball, and football official, who enjoys the world of youth athletics. It seems natural that he would also enjoy the camaraderie that the Little League World Series. He was able to do this through another passion he has, that of amateur radio.

“I got interested in amateur radio when I had to do a book report in 5th grade. I read the Hardy Boys book “The Short-Wave Mystery,” Mauer told Webb Weekly. “I built crystal radios and bought short wave console radios. There was a ham living on Faxon Circle, in Loyalsock, named Martin Salabes, K3CSV; we wondered what the wire was running to the flag pole. I have had my license for 61 years. My call sign is K3LPX.”

Blake Pearson is a typical 12-year-old boy who loves sports — particularly playing on his Little League team in Nolensville, Tennessee. Blake made the all-stars in that league last year and this year, and he and his team made it all the way here to Williamsport as a representative of the Southeast Region. But according to Mauer, Blake had a connection here as far back as last year.

In addition to baseball, like Marty Mauer, Blake has a passion for amateur radio. He is a fully licensed ham radio operator. According to Mauer, he first made contact with Blake Pearson via ham radio on August 15, 2020. When Ryan found out that Mauer was from Williamsport, he immediately became excited. He talked to Mauer about his involvement and love for Little League baseball, and they had a fun and animated conversation with each other over the radio.

Fast forward one year, lo and behold, Blake’s all-star team qualified for this year’s Little League World Series. Arrangements were made for Mauer and his wife to meet Blake’s parents when they got to Williamsport.

“Gail and I met Blake and Andrew (Blake’s dad) at Mr. Sticky’s on Thursday [8-19-21],” said Mauer. “Blake and Andrew then came to our home where Blake used my radio and talked to numerous hams over the US. The Pearson’s had us as their guests for the Tennessee team games. We met Jacqueline (Blake’s mother) and invited them to our home Sunday for dinner.”

The hospitality and enthusiasm by Mauer toward the Pearsons were reciprocated in mid-September.

“We just returned from my daughter’s house near Nashville. We spent 4 1/2 hours at the Pearson’s house in Brentwood, Tennessee,” Mauer said. “They will always have a place to stay when here. We will be getting together whenever we are in the Nashville area.”

He added, “When we arrived at the Pearson’s home in Tennessee, we knew we had the right house because Blake and Ryan were in the driveway playing catch!!”

Marty Mauer believes his experience with the Pearsons is a great reminder of the power and fun of amateur radio.

“People who didn’t know each other are friends forever. Many hams never meet but become friends for life; however, some do meet and are friends for life. I have become close friends with hams that I have talked to, and we now visit them, and they visit us.”

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