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Williamsport Sun: July 12, 1951 – Like to Hike? Boys Have Blazed Rugged 31-Mile Trail

For those who like to hike — not just walk around the block — a new rugged 31-mile mountain trail has recently been completed by Explorer Post 110, Boy Scouts of America.

Its purpose says Howard J. Ulman, Jr., scout advisor, is to create interest in hiking by providing a continuously marked trail, well chosen as in points of interest, water sources and terrain encountered.

The newly created Loyalsock Trail has its beginnings about a mile beyond Little Bear Creek on Route 87 and ends at World’s End, near Forksville. Among the points of interest along the trail are: Smith’s Knob, Long Ridge Fire Tower, Highland Lake, Ticklish Rock, Deer Lake, Loyalsock Canyon Vista, and many other scenic views.

The trail is divided into four sections and takes four days travel to gain the opposite end. Any one of the four sections, however, can be covered in one day.

The trail is plainly marked with circles painted red on smooth bark of the trees A colored motion picture and detailed descriptions of the trail are available at Boy Scout Headquarters after August 15.

Mr. Ulman warned those interested to make certain never to travel on the trail alone. He pointed out that some sections are quite rugged and only points of interest and the construction of shelters or lean-tos, are about seven miles apart.

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