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St. Paddy’s Day Prep

St. Paddy’s Day Prep

Next week is St. Paddy’s Day, but I thought I would get ahead of the game a bit and give you some ideas on how to entertain the kids with some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts!
I’m going to show you two easy leprechaun traps you can make with kids. You can put out all of the supplies and let kids create their own versions too! Every leprechaun trap can be unique.

Kids can have fun planning and designing their trap beforehand. Have kids first draw out a design and then they can build it.

Glass Jar Leprechaun Trap

• Mason Jar or Glass vase
• Gold Coins
• Green Construction Paper
• Pipe Cleaners
• Hot Glue
• Black Marker

Cut out a circle from construction paper, making it slightly larger than the opening of the mason jar. Cut a smaller circle out of the center of the circle for an opening in the jar. Write “FREE GOLD” on top of the circle.

Cut a 2-inch-wide strip of construction paper and fit it around the mouth of the jar, gluing it at the ends. Then glue the circle to the top.

Make a ladder out of 2 pipe cleaners and lean it up against the jar.

Then place the gold coins inside the jar!

Top Hat Trap

• Miniature Leprechaun Hat
• Green Construction Paper
• Pipe Cleaner
• Lucky Charms
• Stickers and/or Embellishments
• Hot Glue or this glue which is great for gluing pipe cleaners

Bend a 2-3 inch pipe cleaner piece at both ends. Glue the pipe cleaner down to your construction paper.

Prop the hat up on the pipe cleaner so that it is at an angle. If it does not stand up, you may need to glue it to the hat.

Add a trail of Lucky Charms leading into the hat.

Add some stickers or other embellishments to the paper for decoration.

There you have it! Go out and see if you can catch a leprechaun! Bonus points if you can find a little toy leprechaun to get ‘trapped’ on St. Paddy’s Day morning!

Speaking of kids…

I’ve got something new for the kids coming next week! Be sure to meet me back here next week to find out what’s new and how to win!

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