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Gridiron Guesses

The first Super Bowl I remember watching was Super Bowl XXIV in 1990. It was the 49ers versus the Denver Broncos at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge football fan, but I remember watching this game because, for whatever reason, my mom has always been a Broncos’ fan and was looking forward to seeing her crush John Elway play in the Super Bowl. I’ve never seen the attraction. Personally, I think John Elway looks like a horse, so his playing for the Broncos only made sense.

Being the contrary nine-year-old I could be, I decided to root for the 49ers. Joe Montana was way cuter than John Elway anyway.

The 49ers ran all over the Broncos that night, picking up a 55-10 win over Denver. Joe Montana connected with Jerry Rice three times that night to solidify one of the most well-known QB/WR pairs in the NFL.

Thirty years later, and if I have to pick an NFL team to stand behind, it’s still the San Francisco 49ers.

As is Webb Weekly tradition, it’s time for the yearly Super Bowl Predictions from around the Valley. Obviously, I am taking the 49ers. I don’t think it’s going to be the blow-out that it was 30 years ago, but I think the Niners are going to have a respectable lead and take it 34-21.

BF Steve kicks this off the only correct way. He thinks the Niners are going lock up a win, 21-14.

This is why I keep him around <3

Polling my writing staff had some interesting results.

Bernadette thinks the Chiefs are due for a win but didn’t have anything else to add.

Scott Lowery didn’t think his opinion was worth much (I disagree, but…), but he said, “It’s been said, ‘offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships.’ If that’s the case, I’m buying a ticket. Chiefs play offense like it is a video game. Their run defense also played solid in stopping ‘King’ Henry, the NFL’s leading rusher, in their win over the Titans. It’s been 50 years since the Chiefs last visited the Super Bowl. Party time in KC. Chiefs 38-24.”

Pastor Tim is praying for an overdue Chiefs win too. “The Steelers had a rough year, so I’m only mildly interested in this year’s big game. I’m going with the Chiefs. It’s been 50 years since they defeated the Vikings in their last Super Bowl in 1969 — the same year my ‘Miracle Mets’ won the World Series. Maybe the Chiefs will enjoy their own miracle moment. Chiefs – 26, 49ers – 21.”

Larry Stout is taking the Chiefs too. “There were no Cinderellas invited to this Super Bowl LIV (54) given that the two teams have a combined 25-7 record. Both teams have high-powered offenses and solid defenses. It promises to be an exciting game that very well might be decided by which team has the ball last. In games like this, it often comes down to the quarterback, and I like the Chief’s Pat Mahomes over the 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo. I call it for KC, 28-27.

New Webb Weekly writer Dave Bellomo added, “San Francisco has a very highly rated defense, while Kansas City has a potent offense. The 49ers defense will give pressure with just their front 4, leaving 7 for coverage, which provides a big advantage. This is not to discount Kansas City’s defense against the run, which is also respectable. The game will come down to which team offers the greatest “X factor”. The Chief’s, Patrick Mahomes, is very talented, can scramble, avoids pressure, and is a big-play maker. The score will be close, KC 27, SF 24.”

None of them are getting paid this month.

Lou, as always, has my back. He says, “I think San Francisco will win 27-10, even though I believe Kansas City has the better quarterback in Mahomes. Both teams have rugged defenses, but 49ers running game provides them balance, which in the end will tell.”

He can get paid this month.

My in-office co-workers have some thoughts on the game also.

Curt seems to think that the KC is going to come out on top 31-17.

Wes says, “Everyone loves an underdog. Toto will lead Kansas City to an upset, 23-20 — but what do I know about football?”

Jaimie says the Chiefs are going to beat the Niners by at least 10 points.

All three of them are fired.

I really thought Jimmy would come through for me, but he seems to think we are going to see the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever, with the Chiefs coming out ahead. “Kansas City – 45, San Fran – 42. The Chiefs haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 50 years. Long-time head coach Andy Reid has never won a Super Bowl — the time is now!”

Am I allowed to fire him?

Kristy checked in with her son, who is calling the Niners win, 24-14.

Charlie has my back, calling a 49’ers win, 21-10.

I think they both need a raise!

Ken DiRocco from Impact Advertising has a prediction that I can appreciate. “49ers look to be the better team, with an incredible running game that is setting playoff records. They also have a very dominating defense that stifled both Aaron Rodgers and Minnesota. In fact, they didn’t give up a point in four quarters from the second half of the Minnesota game until the second half of the Green Bay game. But by the end of the second half, the game was over 27-0!

“The Chiefs defense has been their weakness all year. Some people feel that they have been playing better for the last few games, but giving up 31 and then 24 points in consecutive playoff games is not that great. It’s KC’s offense that has won these games. And they look unstoppable right now.

“Last year the Rams were like the 49ers, they were overwhelmed in the Super Bowl as a first-time entry. Of course, that was against a veteran Patriots team who knew how to deal with the pressure of a Super Bowl.

“Andy Reid has choked in every major game he’s ever coached. So, I have no faith in him.

“If the 49ers can run the ball consistently and keep it out of Mohomes’s hands enough, they could win. But they have to stop a few KC drives and score whenever they get the ball.
“Solid run game — great defense, says 49ers 35-31!”

Finally, some sense!

Murray Motors Owner, Brian, is calling a 38-35 San Fran win. He thinks Central Mountain and Penn State grad, Robbie Gould, will kick the winning field goal.

That brings me peace.

Have I mentioned recently how much I adore Crosscutters’ VP Gabe Sinicropi? He says, “I’ll actually be watching the “Big Game” (can we even SAY/TYPE Super Bowl without paying the NFL?) in Las Vegas where I see the over/under for number of commercials with dogs in them is 3 1/2 and over/under for time of the anthem is 1 minute 59 seconds. I’m taking OVER on both. Oh, the game itself? 49ers prevail 34- 24.”

Enjoy your trip, Gabe!

The always fair Rick Quigley has the 49ers topping the Chiefs 36-31.

You should go buy a car from him!

Mike Rupert, from Rupert’s Meats, is predicting a 27-24 Chiefs win.

The steaks are too high for a canner choice like that.

Loyalsock coach Justin VanFleet is taking the Chiefs 42-28. His student-teacher and former Lyco lineman Cody Botts is also taking the Chiefs — same margin, different score — 31-17.

On the other side of the bridge Montoursville head coach, JC Keefer is calling a close one but has the Chiefs squeaking it out 24-23.

I hope they all fall into the creek…

Williamsport football head coach Chuck Crews says that he’s gotta take the Chiefs on the strength of Andy Reid. “However, if the Niners can pressure/contain Mahomes with their front four, they could be in trouble.” He’s got KC 34-17.

Speaking of Williamsport, new Mayor Derek Slaughter’s inaugural prediction is, “31-28 Chiefs. I’m not an analyst by any stretch of the imagination, but I know the 49ers have the D, and the Chiefs have the offensive power. I think it’ll be a fun, exciting game with the Chiefs ultimately being crowned the Super Bowl Champs.”

I had such hope for some Port Support.

Christian Diggs at Ciocca Hyundai is taking the Chiefs, 31-41.

That digs at me.

So, it looks like a good chunk of my poll is leaning very heavily to Kansas City. All I can say to that is that it’s OK to be wrong, and #GONINERS!

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