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Long Time Umpire Barry Rake Honored By Loyalsock Little League

For more than 50 years, Barry Rake has been stepping on baseball fields as a coach and later as a long time umpire. Much of that umpiring time occurred at Loyalsock Little League. Because of that long term commitment to Loyalsock, Rake was recently honored by the league by a special award and having the benches in both dugouts named for him and dubbed, “Barry’s Benches.”

“I will treasure that moment and the honor and am very grateful for it,” Rake told “Webb Weekly. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to coach and umpire Little League Baseball/Softball for the past 57 years. Thank you to everyone along the path it has been wonderful!”

Rake coached Little League Baseball starting in 1962 while a member of the U.S. Navy in Rota Spain. When he was discharged in April 1964, he continued coaching in Montgomery until 1972.

While in Rota, Spain helping to coach the All-Stars, he and the team almost made it to Williamsport for the Little League World Series as the Europe Region representative. According to Rake, the same group of ballplayers came to Williamsport representing Europe in 1966. He said it was a thrill to see the players from Rota, Spain again. They were the sons of military personnel there.

“Over the years of volunteering my time, coaching and umpiring has been extremely enjoyable. While in Rota, we had Joe DiMaggio come to visit, and over the years of umpiring I have had the opportunity to meet some great people and establish lifelong friendships.

“In my younger days of umpiring, it was always a rewarding experience to have the opportunity to umpire both daughters as they were growing up and playing softball,” Rake continued. “Often, I get asked have you ever umpired any important games. I always answer that every game at any level is important to the youth that plays the game of baseball/softball. My number one priority once I walked on the field to umpire was the safety of all those individuals playing the game of baseball and softball. Then good sportsmanship, understanding the rules, balls and strikes, safe & outs and finally the end of the game.”

It was that commitment to safety that brought about Loyalsock’s special designation of the benches at their field as “Barry’ Benches.” As a stickler for safety, while umpiring, he was very strict about making sure that players stayed within the bench area while the game was going for their own protection.

Rake is quick to praise his fellow District 12 Little League for their dedicated and competent service.

“I believe here in District 12 we are very fortunate to have for the most part individuals, players, coaches, and fans showing good sportsmanship,” Rake said. “It has been a pleasure and honor to umpire with my fellow umpires here in District 12. I must also state that my wife, Brenda has been a tremendous supporter of my umpiring career and very helpful behind the scene in keeping my umpire schedule updated and helping me when it came time to schedule the tournament umpires.”

Rake is a strong believer in giving back to his community. He is and has been involved with numerous community organizations from the Lycoming County Brotherhood Alliance, to the Lions Club, the United Way, his church, anti-drug education, and many, many other groups, causes and organizations.

Rake and his wife, Brenda resides in Loyalsock Township, and they have three children and three grandchildren.

There is little doubt that as long as Barry Rake draws a breath, he will continue to do his best to give back to others.

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