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Spring is Here…ish

Spring is trying to spring. Though I don’t know that we’ve quite hit that ‘out like a lamb’ portion of the month yet.

With April Showers being right around the corner, it seems like a good time to take advantage of the last of the ‘inside days.’

By now Spring Fever is hitting the kids hard and keeping them entertained can’t be easy, so here is a fun craft to bring a little brightness to the inside while we wait for parks, and bikes and enjoying the longer days.

Paper Flower Craft

What you need
• circle paper punch – an extra large one is recommended if this craft will be done by a younger kid
• yellow paper
• paper in a variety of colors (you can use regular print paper)
• paper cutter or scissors
• stick glue
• green paper drinking straws
• clear tape (or patterned for some fun)

First punch a few circles out of yellow paper. You will need one circle for 1 flower. Use larger punch if you are working with small children as it will be easier for them to handle.

Cut strips of paper. There is some trial and error with the next step. Depending on your circle size, different lengths (and widths) of paper strips will work. It’s recommend you first make one strip of paper and make a loop (as seen in the next step) and see if it works with your circle size. Once you are happy with the size of the loop in relation to your yellow circle, start cutting strips of paper in that size.

I recommend you do the cutting if you are working with younger kids. If you will be making this a group project and want the kids to make the cutting by their own, we recommend you use the largest circle punch, as then cutting strips across the width of a letter sized paper works out nicely.

Glue the ends of paper strips together, making a paper loop. You will need quite a few (the number depends on the size of the flower you are making).

Glue the loops on one side of the paper circle. We started by sticking 4 at a 90° angle, then another 4 in between and another 8 in between those.

Once you are happy with how full your paper flower craft is looking, apply some glue onto the green paper straw and press it in the middle of the flower.

Secure with clear tape.

Your paper flower craft is complete.

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