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Now, It’s Up to You!

Every year an untold number of Pennsylvania hunters cross our borders to spend time and money pursuing their passion for hunting outside our state. Some of these individuals travel to western states to hunt for elk, mule deer, mountain lions or other game that is simply not available here. Often, several hunters will travel with their buddies as they work with a licensed outfitter, ride on horses to remote destinations and set up tent camps where they will remain for a week or more pursuing big game. Annual vacation time will be scheduled for such a trip, and while costs will be high, none in the group would give up going on such an adventure where memories of a lifetime will be created.

But, not every hunter has the time or finances to take one of these western trips. Most, instead, are dedicated and passionate hunters who love to stay right here and enjoy pursuing whitetail deer, black bear, turkeys, and various small game. Most, also, are family men and women who often in today’s world struggle to make ends meet, hold down multiple jobs and thus have limited time to spend raising their children and enjoying the wonderful hunting opportunities our own state offers.

There is another category of hunters here in Pennsylvania. It consists of those who eagerly travel to adjoining states to pursue deer, bear, turkeys and the various species of small game. They are the ones who cross our borders to hunt because they simply are denied the chance to hunt right here in their own state — on Sundays.

Time is a limiting factor for most of us. If it is not the parents working multiple jobs, it is the kids being active in numerous after-school activities, some of which occur on Saturdays as well. Thus, for an increasing number of folks who would love to spend time in the hunting woods, the inability to do so on any given Sunday is an unacceptable restriction. The time is overdue to right this wrong!

On the evening of Sunday, February 24, dozens of hunting advocates met at the Nippenose Tavern to discuss the ongoing issue of finally permitting Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania. Representatives from the National Wild Turkey Federation, Hunters United for Sunday Hunting — as well as other interest groups — were present. At this meeting, there was excitement in the air as the discussion turned to a recently introduced bill, Senate Bill 147, which will pave the way to finally allowing Sunday hunting in our state. Senate Bill 147 was introduced in session on February 4, 2019, by State Senators Laughlin, Brewster, Street and Yaw. Yes, our local Senator Gene Yaw was one of those who introduced the bill.

The Pennsylvania legislature has begun the process, and it is now up to you to spread the word and to contact your local Senator to ask them to support and promote Senate Bill 147. Lycoming County Senator Gene Yaw can be reached either through email at or via phone at (570) 322-6457.

Take time to contact your hunting friends, spread the word at local sporting goods stores, and pass on the information to area hunting clubs and shooting organizations, encouraging everyone to do the same. This is our greatest opportunity to make Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania a reality.

Now, it’s up to you!

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