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Seniors are Sent Off by Caring Parents as the Regular Season Comes to a Close

Any early trip to a pool or gym over the winter season will result in seeing just how much work goes into getting those places ready for games.

As teams embark on the final part of the season, it’s easy to look past some of the activities that highlight the final regular season games prior to staring the postseason.

One of the best moments all year is when seniors are honored. Every school, every team celebrates the seniors with an annual “Senior Night.” In most cases, the event takes place prior to the game or near the midway point of the meet.

It’s a chance to give seniors their moment. In some cases, it’s honoring seniors who have worked their entire career to get to that point. In other cases, it’s merely one final celebration of a talented athlete as he or she walks into the gym or jumps into the pool one last time.

In the case of Lewisburg swimming its Senior Night came almost in the middle of the season due to its lack of a home pool. The seniors were toasted for their accomplishments, but, as is customary in most Senior Nights, the Dragons honored the seniors of Jersey Shore, as well.

It was a special moment as seniors from both teams exchanged handshakes and hugs as they were paraded around the pool with parents. The parents for Lewisburg even made up little gift bags for each senior. That included the ones on Jersey Shore’s roster.

Moments like that aren’t uncommon as teams progress through the winter season. Gyms and natatoriums are decorated to the fullest in support of the team and seniors. And it’s not simply limited to just Senior Night.

When Ron “CI” Insinger won his 1,000th career game, it was easy to see how much the school, students, and parents on the team supported him. Walking into the gym early gave every indication something tremendous and meaningful was going to happen.

Signs were hanging throughout the hallway and on the walls in the gym. The walls behind the bleachers were filled with balloons and more signs to support the coach and team.

That was a special day, but what about those days when something significant happens at the opposition’s gym. That was the case when Sullivan County’s Mykenzie Malacusky was going for her 1,000th career point.

As she inched closer to the accomplishment it was apparent, she was going to cross the number on a court away from home. That didn’t stop Sullivan County fans from filling Montgomery’s gym and celebrating their athlete as she earned a spot in the school’s history books.

Nights like Senior Night and accomplishments like Malacusky’s or Insinger’s are ones that should be celebrated, regardless of location. It’s always nicer to have those moments on your home court, but teams have made them work.

The team’s closeness is displayed throughout each event as they honor athletes and coaches. Most swimming Senior Nights end with their coach being pushed into the pool.

For all the seniors and committed parents who walked that path throughout high school here’s to you. Thanks for all the memorable moments and making home court or pool mean something.

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