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Song of the Week… “Bleeding Hearts” by Kimberly Adair

It’s funny how Williamsport was bare and deserted when I was a naivé child, and the arts had been hidden away in those old Victorian homes — afraid to come out and represent the talent that this small town holds within its heart. Today, the Port is well known for its music and a lady, who I call a goddess, is a big part of it: Kimberly Adair.

Kim’s become more than just a teacher. She’s a superb friend, a second mom, a therapist, and a listener. When her album “I Surrender” came out, I immediately picked one up and listened to it. A masterpiece.

I fell in love with the fifth song “Bleeding Hearts”. The rendition of this song is bewitching and soulful. I’m talking about a woman whose voice is nothing but pure soul. Pure soul. As she would say “like spreading butter on a pancake”; so smooth and meant to be mutual with the world. I find myself screaming, begging, and praying for Kim’s fame to approach her one day.

The lyrics are fair to their meaning: “lately I’ve been wonderin’ what’s goin’ on all around me. People fussing, fighting, killing, cheating, speaking hate so casually. I shake my head when I see the frightening news on the TV screen. My heart cried out for pain goin’ on behind the scenes”. You can hear every word and emotion portrayed, her emotion and thoughts about today’s violence and hatred are well dished out showing every aspect of her concern for this beat up world, and her voice wraps the entire song into a tight nutshell.

Her teaching styles for both keyboards & vocals make me feel at home. Singing the hardest parts of a song over and over while my voice cracked like ice taught me how to breathe correctly when not only singing, but also when I have anxiety attacks, panic attacks, or simply stress. As an Uptown Music Collective student, my stress has reduced during long rehearsals just by breathing with my diaphragm. And here’s to sitting through those difficult Hiatus Kaiyote songs that I personally picked to cover on keys while we would listen and hunt for sheet music.

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