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Making the Adjustments for College Offers Rewarding Experience for Two Lycoming Basketball Players

Making the Adjustments for College Offers Rewarding Experience for Two Lycoming Basketball Players

Most athletes in high school aspire to reach the next level of competition but making that adjustment can be difficult. The game’s pace picks up, and the players seem to get bigger. Despite the challenges, it’s rewarding as an education is likely to come along with the new challenges.

As a player at Lewisburg Akilah McFadden earned multiple honors and accomplishments as did Mifflinburg’s Kayla Kline, who played a tough, physical style of basketball that made her one of the top players in the area.

Both girls moved on after making names at their respective schools, and that’s when their paths crossed. Both would eventually be using their skills to help each other’s cause, and their team’s as they both elected to attend Lycoming College in Williamsport.

Lycoming is close enough to both players home that trips to and from the gym for family members, and friends are easy. Both have been well supported throughout their first two years at Lycoming, but last Sunday’s home game against Susquehanna was a little more special.

“Sometimes my family and friends want to come up for the games, and it’s pretty easy for them to get here,” McFadden said. “In the area, it’s always about which team will come out on top. It motivates me.”
McFadden is coming off an extremely productive season for the Warriors in which she started in all 25 games. She averaged a team-high 29.2 minutes per game and posted 16 games with double-digit point totals.

“Things are going well, I’m just trying to keep everything the same as last year,” McFadden said. “I just want to keep improving.”

Kline started ten games for the Warriors last year and averaged just under 15 points per game. She also was a member of the MAC Academic Honor Roll for her performance in the classroom as an accounting major.

“Last year as a sophomore I started to connect more,” Kline said. “As a freshman, you have to come right in, but sophomore year is when we start to pick up more.”

Both players’ proximity to the school has helped them develop into starters for the current season.

“I love representing Mifflinburg,” Kline said. “It’s nice not being too far away and having people come see us play.”

McFadden, who started as a sophomore, has started to take more of a leadership role, while Kline, who was injured in the offseason, worked her way back to earn a starting role for this year.

“I was just focused on basketball and practice and getting better,” McFadden said. “If somebody came here from Lewisburg it would be a good transition. I enjoy being here.”

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