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Billtown Blues Association Set to Present its Annual Fall Into the Blues Concert: To include a Special BBA Announcement!

Billtown Blues Organizers have set Saturday November 3rd for their annual fundraising event, “Fall Into the Blues”. The event will be held in the Garden Terrace Room of the Genetti Hotel, starting at 4pm. General Admission is $15, and card-carrying BBA members receive admission for $10.

The program this year will be divided into three special sets: “Traditional Blues, Unplugged”; “Sassy and Classy Billtown Women of the Blues”; and “The Incredible Blues Harp!”.

Each hour-long set will feature individual performances by many of the areas talented musicians and vocalists. Featured are Chris LaRose, Jay Short, Stacia Abernatha, Shayne Williams from the Uptown Music Collective, Becky Wool, Becky Blue, Ann Kerstetter, Cheryl Miller (Miz Ida), John Sweeney, Dave Thompson, Matt Gartner, and Shawn Strickland. Some very special collaborations are also in the works.

Supporting musicians are guitarists, Lori Smith, Jay Short, Willi Ort, Gary Strickland, bassists Bill Stetz and Dave Krempasky. On drums, Joel Vincent, Roy Purcel and Jesse Roedts, on keys David Miller, and percussionist from the UMC, Tate Berkey.

Proceeds from this event are intended to offset financial support the BBA offers its March 2018 Audition Concert winners. Winners of the BBA Audition 2018 concert were Chris LaRose in the solo/duo category, and The Gabe Stillman Band in the band category. With the BBA being an affiliated member of the National Blues Foundation, each winner becomes eligible to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, January 22 thru 26. Both Chris LaRose and The Gabe Stillman Band have elected to participate in the 2019 IBC and are beginning their fund raising effort for their journey and time in Memphis.

Gabe Stillman a long time member and supporter of all BBA events and fundraisers will be absent from the scene for this year’s fundraiser, however, he will still be playing the blues and have Billtown on his mind, while on tour with Tas Cru throughout the deep South during October and November.

As part of the fundraising effort the highly successful silent auction will be in place throughout the Fall Into the Blues concert.

The Fall Into the Blues concert is the ideal time to get right with your BBA dues in preparation for the March 23rd Audition Concert where current BBA members are eligible to receive a ballot to vote in the solo/duo and band categories offering musicians a guaranteed opportunity to perform at the milestone 30th Annual Billtown Blues Festival as well as eligibility to travel to Memphis and perform in the International Blues Challenge in 2020.

Of special note – the BBA will be making a very special announcement at the Fall Into the Blues!


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