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Colegrove Continues to Excel at Lock Haven as He’s Named Athlete of the Week for a Second Time

As Lock Haven’s season was on the brink of falling into a hole, it wouldn’t be able to get out of or possibly advance into something biggest Shane Colegrove made a move and scored a goal.

The goal came in the opening half of a game against East Stroudsburg University, but it wasn’t going to be the final of Colegrove’s day as he attempted to reset his team’s season. He followed up with another tally just about a minute after the go-ahead goal and gave his team a chance to finish out with a win.

“We were pressing them pretty well,” Colegrove said. “At home, we are a completely different team. We were playing really well.”

Colegrove moved around the ball and received a nice pass that gave him a chance at the goal. He quickly centered the ball and measured up the keeper, who was charging to stop the shot attempt. Colegrove then popped the ball up and over the head of the keeper, who attempted to get back on his line, but failed as the ball bounced over the line for a goal.

The ball was then reset at the center of the field, and Colegrove quickly got back into position to lead another attack. A pass was intercepted almost right out of the restart and before anyone could blink Colegrove was streaking down the field after another goal.

“30 to 40 seconds after the goal we started pressing them again and somebody found room on the wing, hit a ball in, and it just happened to find me,” Colegrove said. “It was a massive win for us to get three points out of the match. Getting a 2-0 win against them was absolutely huge for us.”

The goals lifted Lock Haven out of a three-game slide that had its season on the brink of collapsing. Colegrove played the role of hero and helped his team out of a difficult spot. The Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference voters would also notice his accomplishments as they named Colegrove the Athlete of the Week a few days later.

“It’s something I’ve bee struggling with confidence,” Colegrove said. “Getting those two goals was really nice. It kind of flew me into the next game. Confidence is key in this game.”

Colegrove continued to lead his team as he tallied a goal in the next game as Lock Haven tied Seton Hill 5-5. The offensive explosion helped Lock Haven stay viable in the league as it attempts to reach the postseason.

Colegrove has been named Athlete of the Week twice since joining the lead out of Athens.

Colegrove was a standout on the pitch for the Tigers and has continued the tradition of hard work and a commitment to his team throughout his time with the Bald Eagles.

Colegrove has scored four goals for Lock Haven this year and has produced ten shots on goal. He has grown into a leader on the team and has shown improvement each season. He’s exactly what any team would want in a young player, and he continues to get better.

“The biggest thing is seeing the goals go in and knowing we can score to give us the confidence to finish,” Colegrove said. “We just have to keep going and create good chances for each other.”

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