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Keystone’s Coaching Trio Balances Family and Team to Help Players Excel at the Highest Levels

Patrick Johnson, Jason Foltz, and Scott Fravel came together at the beginning of the postseason after being named the manager and coaches of Keystone’s Major Baseball All-star team.

The meeting was about one of the most common challenges Little League coaches face in being a parent and coach at the same time. All three coaches have sons on Keystone’s Major Baseball team. The trio agreed each of them would share the responsibility of coaching the team. The responsibility of coaching their respective kids would fall to the two coaches not being called dad after the game.

“It’s always an extra hard thing to do,” Johnson said. “One of the things that I have to say generally about coaching Gabe is that I coach with some of the greatest guys you could possibly coach with. One of the things we try and do is take care of each other kids. It’s hard to have your dad getting on you.”

The three came to a decision at the beginning of the postseason that they would help with each other’s kids. Much like Johnson said, it’s no fun to get yelled at by your father, but it happens throughout the course of a run like Keystone’s this year.

Foltz and Johnson help with Gabe and Johnson and Foltz help with Fravel’s son Gardner and Johnson and Fravel help with Jason’s son Connor. They are there for each other’s kids much like they are there for every player on the team. The moments become extra special when they can be celebrated together. For a team like Keystone, there have been plenty of highs.

“Ever since my first baseball game,” Gardner Fravel said of his father coaching him. “He’s always been the coach of my team. It helps me a lot and keeps me motivated. It helps me because he’s a parent that cares a lot about how I do.”

Scott Fravel takes on the responsibility of coaching third for the team during games. He’s outstanding to watch with all the players. There’s a constant stream of positive chatter coming from the box in support of his players.

During a game in the Sectional Tournament Scott Fravel got a little aggressive on the bases and called for his son to go from second to third on a tag. Gardner was caught by a nice throw from the outfield, but Scott was quick to take the blame. It was a small moment in the overall tournament, but one that showed the depth of understanding and support the coaches give their players. Gardner continued to produce in the game, quickly shaking off the play and helping Keystone advance.

“Scotty and Jason take the lead with Gabe when he’s struggling,” Johnson said. “The father-son dynamic is tough, but it’s also really rewarding.”

Keystone’s trio of coaching parents got to celebrate the District and Sectional championships with their kids on the field. They even got to celebrate big accomplishments by their kids.

Gabe Johnson won the District Championship, tossing a gem against Williamsport. Gardner Fravel hit two singles, drove in a run, and scored twice in the District Winner’s Bracket Championship. Connor Foltz scored twice and hit a single to open the Section 3 Tournament.

All of those moments were big for Keystone, but they were extra special because each parent got to share it with their kids.

At the beginning of the postseason, the three coaches came together and made a promise to help with their kids. For the most part, each coach has kept their emotions in check when coaching, but when the moment is special, each one of them have let their emotions boil over. The moments and celebrations have been plenty for Keystone and all of its parents. For the three coaches the support has been constant and the celebrations that much more special.

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