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Grit: June 9, 1968: Somber Nation Pays Final Respects as Kennedy is Buried in Arlington

Robert F. Kennedy was buried on a gentle hillside tonight in the uncertain light of a full moon – and the flame flickering eternally over the grave of martyred President John F. Kennedy. The restless senator, who had aspired to follow his brother’s path to the White House, found serenity at last among the heroes of Arlington Cemetery just 4 ½ years after his brother was buried there.

President and Mrs. Johnson looked on, as they had at funeral services this morning in majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

So did other high dignitaries of the government and emissaries of most of the nations on earth. So, too, did a delegation of the poor from Resurrection City across the Potomac River.

It was an epitome of the days of mourning and sadness since Robert Francis Kennedy was felled by an assassin’s bullet last Wednesday in Los Angeles.


The tragedy, which again has engulfed the Kennedy family, finds any words inadequate. Well remembered by many in Williamsport was Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s appearance at a dinner meeting of the West Branch Manufacturers’ Association in 1959, just before he took command of his brother’s campaign for the presidency. How incredibly have events unfolded since then, culminating in the shattering happenings in California and the senator’s death early Thursday.

What can anyone really say but express heartfelt sympathy for this young statesman’s wife, children, and parents, who so often have experienced the ultimate in personal misfortune.

Today we join in national prayer for this sadly bereaved family. As we do, let us resolve to shun paths or actions that can lead to violence. Let us do what we can to produce and maintain greater tranquility, remembering that our nation, and our community, will always be what we make it – the sum of the strength and the weaknesses, the good or the bad, in each of us.

Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr.

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