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Hoffman Continues to Shine Throughout the Lead-up to His Third State Championship Run

Sometimes, when you’re that good, it’s hard to find the next challenge.

The goal has to change a bit as the next true moment of adversity might be days, weeks, or even months off. Good competitors find a way to stay sharp and focused in preparation for the next challenge.

For Montoursville’s Gavin Hoffman, who has his goals set on a third consecutive individual state wrestling championship, that challenge has presented itself to him as he prepares for larger goals. Last Thursday, Montoursville welcomed in Milton and Hoffman won his match in less than a minute, but tucked away in the win was a person geared to helping his team get better.

“The season has been going as I predicted,” Hoffman said. “I go into the room and try not to focus on the next dual meet. I’m just trying to get better to be the best version of myself I can be.”

The best version of Hoffman might have the 195 field a little worried near the end of the winter season. Hoffman, through tireless hours of mat work, lifting weights, and studying other wrestlers, has carved out a big name for himself over the last two years.

The first Championship might have caught some people by surprise. The second certainly added to a growing reputation. His journey to a third will be well documented by coaches, media, and fans and Hoffman is fine with it.

“It’s temping to look at states,” Hoffman said. “I’m hungry for my third state title.”

States will happen in Hershey in March. Until then, Hoffman will have to find different ways to stay sharp. One way he’s tried to do that is helping other wrestlers on the team.

“I get excited for the team’s matches,” Hoffman said. “I was excited when we went to Warrior Run. They are a good team, and we are a good team. I’m just trying to look at it one match at time and enjoy each and every moment.”

Along with watching his team perform throughout the season, Hoffman has also taken some wrestlers aside to help them. He knows he has some amazing skills on the mat and doesn’t shy away from helping his teammates out.

“I’ll make sure if there is something I can give them a little knowledge on or an area they can improve on then I’ll let them know,” Hoffman said. “This is my last year year and I want to spread as much knowledge as I can. I want to feed off the team and give back as much as I can.”

Gable Crebs, Montoursville’s 160-pound wrestler, has benefited from Hoffman’s influence. The two train together throughout the season and push each other.

“He’s my main partner in the room,” Hoffman said. “We roll around every day and I don’t really teach as much I think he just picks things up through me wrestling with him. He’s definitely getting a lot better. In the room, he fights a lot.”

One thing Hoffman is constantly challenged with is maintaining his cool against lesser opponents. Hoffman is a two-time defending State Champion; it’s only natural that he would face competition that might not be at the same level.

Since this is something he deals with on a nightly basis, maintaining an even mental state is key to each and every performance.

“You just have to keep a cool head out on the mat,” Hoffman said. “Keeping my composure is a huge thing for me. If I don’t get a pin in 20 seconds, I can’t start to freak out. I have to just tell myself the pin will come when it comes. I just have to keep a cool mind and just wrestle.”

Between finding ways to stay challenged, helping teammates, and enjoying the ride, Hoffman has approached each and every situation with class and determination. It’s easy to see after just a few minutes of chatting with Hoffman why he’s reached such high levels of wrestling.

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