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Pine Street United Methodist Church To Host Free Brunch For Veterans

Bill McKay was a proud U.S. Navy veteran of World War II who loved his country and the men and women who served it in the military in peace and in war. It is with that in mind that McKay provided a generous bequest to his beloved, home church, Pine Street United Methodist Church. Some of the funds from that bequest are being used to finance a special free, catered brunch for all armed forces veterans to be held Sunday, November 19. This event is held in honor of McKay and will also be preceded by a church service honoring veterans at the church at 11 a.m.

“The Witness Committee at Pine Street UMC was looking for a special way to honor those who served our country. We started to put together a nice event and shortly thereafter remembered our dear friend Bill McKay who was a faithful member of Pine Street for 59 years, and dedicated a large part of his life, after having served in WWII, to helping veterans,” Nicholas Grimes, one of the organizers of the event told Webb Weekly. “We felt this event should be held in his honor because of his faithful service to this country, to veterans, and to Pine Street. We also thought it would be a great way to honor his legacy by using part of that bequest to make this a really special event and do all we could to give back to veterans. We believe this service is a great way to honor Mr. McKay’s legacy and be responsible stewards of the McKay bequest.”

Bill Kieser, chair of Pine Street United Methodist Church’s Witness Team, who is organizing this veterans’ event stated, “Bill McKay exemplified the spirit of honor with which all of our military personnel have served. He felt honored to have served his country. He honored God with his life, often noting God providing for him and by honoring God with his faithful presence at worship on Sunday despite the hardships he had physically as he grew older. He honored his marriage vows. He was always quick to recognize and praise his fellow veterans.”

Kieser continued, “The Pine Street United Methodist Witness Team wants to honor all veterans and servicemen and women in gratitude for their sacrifices they and their families have made in order to allow us to enjoy all of the inalienable rights and freedoms with which God has endowed us.”

A little bit about McKay. He was a sailor who served on the U.S. Navy tanker, the U.S.S. Cacapon, AO-5, in the Pacific Theater of the war.

He was described by both Kieser and Grimes as living a very humble lifestyle. He lived in a modest apartment with no car, walked to church, private clubs, grocery stores, etc. and he was an active member at Pine Street for almost 60 years. He lived this very humble life in order to exhibit extreme generosity to all who needed help. McKay died at the age of 91 in 2016.

Grimes noted, “This brunch will be to honor veterans and their families, however, anyone who attended the worship service (veteran or not) will be welcome at the brunch. During the brunch we will be giving each veteran in attendance a special gift and thanking them for their service. We welcome and encourage ALL veterans and their families to join us at Pine Street UMC on November 19.”

Grimes said that Don Waltman’s Meats and the Harvest Moon were very generous in helping to provide some of the food for this brunch.

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