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Gazette and Bulletin: October 22, 1920 – James N. Kline Did Big Thing

The James N. Kline Boy Scout Camp is rapidly gaining a nationwide reputation and inquiries concerning it are being received almost daily from Scout councils from all across the United States. Already prominent citizens of other communities are preparing to emulate the example of Mr. Kline in providing similar camps for the boys of their cities. In one city, a man, like Mr. Kline, engaged in the hardware business, has asked for information about the local camp with the obvious purpose of following Mr. Kline’s lead.

The James N. Kline Boy Scout Camp is one of the largest and best Scout camps in the entire country and is one of the first to be endowed by a single person. In Buffalo a camp of similar nature has been built, but it was found necessary to float a loan and issue bonds in order to finance the project.

Next summer it is expected that delegates from other states will make a pilgrimage to the James N. Kline Boy Scout Camp. A number of boys from New York State have already signified their intention of coming while a second lot will come from Wilmington, Delaware. The Wilmington scouts asked permission to use the camp during the past summer, but owing to the uncompleted organization of the camp only the Scouts of Lycoming County could be accommodated.

Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr.

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