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Gather Ghosts and Giving Back

We are officially on the second and final week of our Annual Halloween Contest! Just in case you need another reminder on how to participate…

Scattered throughout this issue, you will find several adorable little ghosts. All you need to do is count them…easy peasy.

Better run skeleton — I’ll wait while you count…

Done? Are you sure? Did you remember to count twice?

OK, now add that number to the number you got by counting the little visitors from beyond last week. Got your grand total? Cool, now send it to me!

Now, I know what you are going to say, “Buuuut Steph! I forgot to count last week, and now I don’t have the paper around anymore!” Now I know what you are going to say next, “Buuuuuut Steph, you used that line last year!” It’s true, but my friend Aiden seemed to enjoy it, so it’s is getting another round. Also, if you go to webbweekly.com, you can flip through last week’s issue and count them there!

You can email the answer to contest@webbweekly.com, or you can drop a postcard in the snail mail (or in person) at Webb Weekly, 280 Kane St., Suite 2, South Williamsport, PA 17702. Entries must be submitted by Oct. 20th and only one entry per person.

I will then take everyone who answered correctly and pick 10 random winners. Winners will receive a bucket full of goodies big enough to make several local dentists very, very happy! (Seriously, I’m going to want a cut) Winners will be listed in the Oct. 25th edition.

Every year we donate $1.00 for each entry to either the SPCA or LAPS. Since we did LAPS last year, it means that it is the SPCA’s turn this year.

So look carefully and count them up! I get a little sneaky when I place them, so make sure you check every page closely!

Good luck!

Giving Back

Now let’s talk about the Lycoming County United Way. Today (Oct. 18th) is the kick-off to their annual campaign. They have a goal of touching over 50,000 lives this year! That’s twice as many as last year. That is a big goal, and they are going to need your help to reach it. You’ll notice today that all of the local media outlets are making big pushes to get the word out on donating to the LCUW. That’s because, for today and in the name of a good cause, we are all setting our businesses aside to help out. Webb Weekly, along with the Sun-Gazette, iHeart Media, Comcast Spotlight, Backyard Broadcasting and Lamar Advertising, will all be using the day to support the United Way. So, please, if you can donate today! Even $5 can help a local person or family in need. Imagine how much help the LCUW could give if each home that received Webb Weekly donated $5!

In addition to the local media outlets, big shout-out to Impact Advertising and all of their hard work for this campaign. All of the ads, billboards, commercials and more that you have been seeing have all been provided by the crew at Impact.

If you would like to donate to the Lycoming County United Way, you can do so by visiting http://www.lcuw.org/give, or by calling them at 570-323-1824, or you can mail a donation to Lycoming County United Way, 33 East Third St., Suite 201, Williamsport, PA 17701.

Please remember, all of your donations stay local. That means your money stays right here. Helping your friends, your family, your neighbors, your community.