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Gazette and Bulletin: October 10, 1913 – Billy Sunday was Kept Busy

Thousands of men standing as one, signified with their voices the wish that Jesus shall rule in Williamsport last night, following a great meeting and a soul-stirring an address by the Rev. William A. Sunday, the famous evangelist, who traveled hundreds of miles on Wednesday, yesterday and last night to be in Williamsport for nearly 12 hours. It was a great moment. The evangelist had told how Savanarola had stirred the men of Florence by asking, “men of Florence do you want Jesus to be your king?” and of their wild response, and then asked his questions.

As the men rose in a great mass Sunday leaped from the platform where he had been standing in the pulpit and there, standing erect, far above the audience, he poured his soul to heaven in a characteristic prayer. He continued with prayers for all the friends whom he had met, for his host, Dr. J.K. Rishel, for the local committee and ended with “Goodbye.” It was 10:40 when he finished and he hurried off at once to a motorcar which conveyed him with Mrs. Sunday, to his special train.

Few people realize the big thing Billy Sunday did through the local and state committee in coming to Williamsport. He is holding meetings at Steubenville, Ohio, a long way west of Pittsburgh. He had to go to Pittsburgh to change cars there, get to Tyrone and come through from there in a special train, doing the same things on the return trip. Small wonder that he was tired, as he had done something to make himself tired.

Complied by Lou Hunsinger Jr.

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