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  • Brains Over Brawn0

    Though I am a fan of strength training, olde time strong men, and fitness in general, I always find it entertaining to hear about stories where cleverness won out over brute strength. In the early 2000s, I had the good fortune to meet many famous people in strength and fitness circles through my company, Max

  • Larry the Energy Vampire0

    The other day my wife and I decided to go grocery shopping. Yes, this is what passes for fun with married couples with five kids. Usually, I can count on our weekly shopping trip to be an hour free of bickering over what channel to watch, or someone “borrowing” someone else’s clothes without asking. Ahhh…

  • Local Strongman Takes 2nd in “PA’s Strongest” Teen Division

    Local Strongman Takes 2nd in “PA’s Strongest” Teen Division1

    For 360-pound Adam Grimes II, his decision to enter for PA’s Strongest, a strongman style event for men and women, was last minute in training terms. The 19-year-old only had six weeks to train for the event. Due to his size, he has always had an interest in strength training but only recently got the

  • Silver Linings0

    When I was in high school, a million years ago, I was a pretty good athlete. Not great, but still I was a decent football player and wrestler. No, this is not a sports story. This is a story about seemingly missed opportunities and how great blessings sometimes come out of adversity. Wrestling was going


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