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Gazette and Bulletin: March 10, 1940 – Prisoner Shares Meals, Cell With Dog After Pet Refused to Stay Home

“Butchey,” a two-year old police dog, accompanied his master, Powell Thornton, 918 Maple Street, to the County Jail Saturday night when Thornton delivered himself on previous court sentence to serve 45 days on a charge of drunken driving.

Thornton was admitted, but as there was no commitment for the dog, it was refused admittance. This did not discourage the animal and it remained all night on the cold, stone entrance steps of the jail. Sunday morning it was still there.

A motorist, seeing the faithful dog on the jail steps, placed it in his car and took it to the Thornton home. When liberated from the car, “Butchey” made a “bee-line” for the streets and was soon again on the jail steps.

The big eyes of the dog were too much for Lycoming County Sheriff Jacob F. Matthews. He opened the door and the dog dashed inside, ran up the iron steps to second floor and was soon at the rear cell occupied by his master. There was an affectionate greeting between the man and dog.

Thornton is sharing his meals with the animal, and Sunday night the animal rested peacefully beneath the cell cot.

The sheriff said that a man would have to have a hard heart to part two such close friends. Thus the dog will be allowed to remain in the jail.

Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr.

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