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  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin / Father’s Day0

    I love Father’s Day because it gives us a chance to put our dads in the spotlight – a place they’d normally not choose to be. I have three different men in my life who have the roll of a father figure. One being my amazing dad, Lee Perry, who was and has always been

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin

    Andrea’s Country Home Cookin0

    It’s fresh produce time! Nothin like a good farmer’s market. All the gorgeous flowers, and colored fruits and veggies that taste so delicious. Every year I think to myself, “Andrea, next year let’s make our own garden! I mean, how hard can it be?” Then I remember you have to water it daily, and I

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin0

    OK, so you are slowly getting to know me. You know I am married, with kids, and love to cook. Over time, I hope for you to feel like you know me, and my personality through my writing, but let me introduce you more to two loves in my life. My son, Tyler, is nine,

  • Andrea’s Country Home Cookin0

    Hearing that metal “ting” when a ball hits a baseball bat, smelling the very first yard being cut, tasting that burger fresh off the grill, seeing that first motorcycle of the season, or feeling the warm sun for the first time in months are some of the very first signs of spring. It always feels