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  • Birds, Bugs, Heroes, and My Husky

    Birds, Bugs, Heroes, and My Husky0

    I am going to start my column where I often end it this time of year; let’s all be extra careful out there. There is just so much more activity and great things going on; keep those eyes on the road. An added distraction I have fallen prey to is watching the majestic American Bald

  • Five Tips for Gardening with Kids

    Five Tips for Gardening with Kids0

    After months of cool weather, the first hint of spring will likely have the whole family eager to dive into outdoor activities. This year, as you begin tackling the garden, find ways to get the youngest family members in on the action, too. Not only is gardening an activity you can enjoy together, there are

  • The Last Game0

    For South Williamsport softball player Gianna Godfrey, it was one of those ah-ha moments. Approaching the Mountaineers’ practice field on a sunny afternoon, the senior outfielder was greeted by five large poster photos newly adorning the backstop fence. One of those photos was of Godfrey. A bystander also noticed the photo and complimented her on

  • Ballots, Watts Up, and Honors Earned

    Ballots, Watts Up, and Honors Earned0

    I couldn’t believe that a former president, and I’m talking Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz for a senatorial spot here in the great state of Pennsylvania. I’d really like to know the behind-the-scenes truth about that one. But hey, if he’s your man, get out and cast your vote. That is

  • Williamsport City Lions Football Club Brings Semi-Professional Soccer to Williamsport0

    Williamsport has been long regarded as a “baseball town,” and rightfully so, because of its place as the “Home and Birthplace of Little League Baseball” and its more than 130-year involvement with minor league baseball, but another sport is charging hard to take its place in Williamsport’s sports universe — and that is soccer. Two

  • Numbers Up0

    Years ago, as baseball fans entered the stadiums, a familiar refrain from the program vendors greeted them; “get your scorecard; you can’t tell the players without a scorecard.” Today, if you look hard enough, fans can still purchase a scorecard, but that wonderful part of the Major League ballpark experience has largely gone by the