Back to From the Editor

Happy New Year!


So clearly I am not Jimmy. He will be back next week, but I stole his space to give him some credit that he would never think he deserves.
Jimmy does a lot for the community and the people in the community and it goes mostly unrecognized, and I think everyone deserves a thank you when you do something nice, so…
Thank you, Jimmy, for everything you do and give to our area and the people in it. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
So…here’s the nitty-gritty of what we have going on this week.
For the past couple of years, Jimmy has given each full-time employee a page of the paper to donate to the charity of their choice. We all get to pick something that is near and dear to us and donate ad space, editorial space or a combination of both.
As you can see on the cover, we have a wide variety of organizations from across the area that we donated space to this week. I’m sure that you are familiar with most, and you can learn about what they do in more detail as you read through this issue, but here is a quick rundown:
The Central PA Food Bank – Committed to solving hunger in Central PA by 2025.
Lycoming Animal Protection Society (LAPS) – Provides care and adoption services for many homeless cats and kittens at its no-kill shelter.
Lycoming County SPCA – The region’s only full-service shelter accepting and adopting ALL types of domestic animals. We are your resource for reporting and investigating animal abuse.
Lycoming County United Way – Engaging the community in philanthropic opportunities to improve the lives of its citizens through cooperation, collaboration and commitment; volunteer-driven, professionally managed and fiscally responsible.
Multiple Sclerosis Society – Helping people affected by MS to live their best lives as they stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever.
The Ronald McDonald House in Danville – Ronald McDonald House of Danville, Inc. shall provide compassionate, temporary, convenient, subsidized housing and related programs for childhood cancer and other patients and families associated with treatment at area medical facilities.
I won’t share which employee goes with which organization, but know that these charities are near and dear to each of our hearts. We chose them because of personal connections and beliefs. We all hope that the bit of extra light that we are shining on these groups sparks additional help and donations so that they can continue to provide much-needed services in and around our communities.
So thank you again, Jimmy. Doing things like this makes me so proud to be a Webb Weekly employee. I hope that as you read through the ads/editorials about these charities, you will consider adding them to your 2018 donation lists if you are able. There are so many people out there who need a helping hand and so many amazing organizations that are doing everything they can to help.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you and yours!
Do you have your resolutions ready to go? I really just have an overall goal to live a little healthier. Eat better, move more, stress less. Hopefully, I can manage the small changes needed to make this a reality.
I also have a tiny goal of trying to have a houseplant. I am hoping to find something that I can keep alive and that my cat won’t feel the need to snack on. I’ve never had much luck with either, so if anyone wants to send me easy to care for plant suggestions and/or tips to keep my cat from eating them, they are more than welcome!
However you plan to ring in the New Year, please be safe. Holidays like New Year’s have a way of bringing out the worst in people, so in addition to taking care of yourself, keep an eye on those around you. Not only for your safety but for theirs also. It’s easy to think that it isn’t your responsibility to ‘babysit’ others, but wouldn’t it be worth it if it saves their life or someone else’s?
If you are heading out for the evening, please — please — make sure you don’t drink and drive. You can call a cab at 570-322-2222 or download the Uber or Lyft apps before you head out so you can get a safe ride home.