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The Power of Giving


This is a fantastic time of year to teach our kids about the power of giving. Toys for Tots can always use new unwrapped toys and there are drop-offs all over the city, the bell ringers for the Salvation Army are out in force this time of year collecting change for those in need, or maybe you know a family down the road whose “Christmas Miracle” would be new coats for their kids. Let’s all work together to show kids that the biggest gift they receive this year, may just be the one that they give to someone else.
  We are still taking donations in the Webb Weekly office for the Salvation Army in honor of Dave Sechler. Remember Webb Weekly is matching all donations received in our office, or marked with Sech’s name in any kettle throughout the city.
  What else can you and your kids do to give back this Christmas?
  Maybe invite a neighbor over for coffee, or even Christmas dinner.
  Help your kids realize that not every family has the opportunity to have lots of stuff under the tree. You can sponsor a needy family this Christmas through Have your kids help you stuff a stocking with socks, blankets, toothpaste/brushes, Lego sets, small puzzles, or a small blank journal & pen. You can even email them and they will let you know where you can drop a ‘stuffed stocking’ off locally, or where you can mail it to help a family elsewhere in the country.
  Visit a senior.More than 50 percent of senior citizens in nursing homes never get visitors, according to the Senior Source. Bring a sense of family to someone who doesn't have one, when you and your family volunteer at one this holiday season.
  Help kids keep warm this winter. Have your kids pack up any winter coats that no longer fit and drop them off at the Rescue Workers. So many kids are lacking basics like this, that every coat, sweater and sweatshirt helps!
  From the entries to our coloring contest I know we have some really talented and artist kiddos in the area, so maybe have your kids put their coloring skills to work to create a dozen Christmas Cards – then hand them out to random strangers while you are out Christmas shopping. I bet that would really brighten someone’s day!
  Don’t forget to lead by example. Due to holiday craziness, the Red Cross blood supplies are always low this time of year. If you are able, go donate! Remember, one pint of blood and one hour of your time can help save up to three lives. Plus, ya know, cookies and juice. Everyone loves cookies and juice.
  Speaking of the Red Cross – through the American Red Cross you can also sponsor vaccinations for underprivileged children (the Red Cross has provided over 1 BILLION measles vaccinations which has saved MILLIONS of lives).
  You can also contact the Red Cross to purchase phone cards for troops overseas.
  These are just a few examples of ways you and your family can give back this holiday season. Remember sometimes it’s the simplest things that mean the most.