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Holiday Season in Full Swing


I still haven’t accomplished anything for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays aren’t in full swing!
  As you are out and about shopping for Christmas, please keep those less fortunate than you in mind.
  Every year around this time I share a Facebook post that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago that says, “Just a reminder to all the parents out there to be modest with your gifts from ‘Santa’. Not all parents have a ton of cash to spend on making their kids’ Christmas special, so it doesn’t make sense to have Santa give your kid a PlayStation4, a bike and an iPad, while his best friend at school gets a new hat and mittens from Santa. Give them something small from Santa and make the more expensive presents from you. You can explain the value of money to kids, but you can’t explain Santa’s discrimination to a heartbroken kid.”
  I don’t have kids, but I think this is a really important thing to share and the parents on my friends list have been 100% supportive of the idea. There have been several over the years that were already doing this and several other who said that they were going to start.
  Listen, if you are willing and able to give your child an iPad, Rolex and a thoroughbred pony for Christmas, by all means do so! However, make sure they understand those gifts are from you. Let Santa bring new PJs or books. Don’t let some other child think that Santa loves them less, or worse yet, that they were somehow ‘bad’ and less deserving than little Joey up the street. Being a kid in today’s world is hard enough without adding to it.
  This is also a great time of year to share a lesson in giving with your kids. There are a lot of families that could use a helping hand this Christmas. There are plenty of opportunities to donate toys, clothes and toiletries that would really make a family happy this holiday season. Warm coats and socks are some of the best gifts someone in need can receive.
  Toys-for-Tots can always use new, unwrapped toys and there are drop-off locations throughout the area. Of course, the Salvation Army can use not only toys, but also clothing, and food. The same for the American Rescue Workers. The Central PA Food Bank is always taking donations, but your help now would go a long way towards making someone’s Christmas dinner merry and bright.
  Please take a moment to help someone in need this holiday season. Even the smallest bit of help can go a long way.