Back to From the Editor

Getting Closer


We are creeping closer and closer to Christmas every day. I still haven’t accomplished much, to be honest. I am a procrastinator by profession when it comes to holiday prep. I’ll get there eventually though and some how, everything will come together in the end.
  All of us at Webb Weekly are excited about the Festival of Trees auction this weekend! Kristy did a fantastic job with decorating our tree for the auction. Though, I have to admit, I do think the Grinch tree is pretty adorable!
  The Festival of Trees is a great event to support the Salvation Army, so please get out and vote for your favorite tree and support a great cause – you may even win some great prizes! If you like to eat, bid on the Webb Weekly tree! We have gift cards to local restaurants for you to enjoy!
  Speaking of Festivals of Trees…don’t forget that there is a tree festival going on downtown also! Students from St. John Neumann, the West Branch School, and Williamsport School District schools are competing in tree-decorating contest.
  This weekend is also the Billtown Christmas Parade! The parade starts at 2:30 p.m. right after the Christmas Spectacular at the Community Arts Center. There will be a little bit of everything from bands to bagpipes to Betsy from Otto’s!
  All this Christmas talk is starting to lift my holiday spirits! If I keep going I may actually finish all my holiday tasks before Christmas Eve!

Blaise Alexander Christmas Coloring Contest!
  The coloring contest is in full swing! We have entries coming in left and right, and much to Jimmy’s chagrin, I had to source out the judging. I brought in elves, straight for the North Pole to help me out. Turns out elves don’t come cheap. They are demanding payment is marshmallows and Oreos, but still – that’s a lot of trips to the grocery store to keep them stocked up. They are not only helping judge the entries, but they are helping me mail out all the Flyworld Jump Passes back to all the kiddos. But it seems we have a problem. Apparently since the weather has been so warm this winter the elves don’t want to head home. So now Cocoa Mullingtoes, Pompom Sugarsnaps, and Brownie Sugarwine are hiding under desks, behind shelves and under piles of coloring contests in order to avoid heading home. We figure we’ll let ‘em stay through the holidays and ship ‘em back to Santa after the New Year.
  So, please, get your entries in soon! I can’t keep buying Oreos! The people at Wegmans are starting to look at me funny!