Back to From the Editor

Happy Thanksgiving


It is always good to take some time each year to remember all of the things we are thankful for. This year my list includes:
  My husband. He makes my life better every day.
  Stormy and Lana – my 2 furbabies that always know when I need a cuddle. And I will always be thankful for Max and Baby who brought so much to my life when they were with me.
  My family—we aren’t perfect, but we’re Italian and that’s close enough.
  Long phone calls with my sister.
  The News Team, near and far—you know who you are.
  Family Game Nights.
  Learning that I can live with far less coffee than I previously thought.
  My Keurig, even if it won’t keep time.
  Kindle Unlimited, without which, I’d be broke!
  Amazon Prime to keep my shopping habits under control and with free shipping.
  Snapchat, so I can share my recipes with the world, and by world, I mean those 5 people who always watch me cook.
  The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Thursday night Karaoke.
  Facebook Messenger group chats.
  GIFs in Facebook Messenger group chats.
  New friends, old friends and friends that are like family.
  Fuzzy blankets from Sam’s Club.
  Having yet to put on a winter jacket.
  The fact that it hasn’t snowed.
  Coffee. I can live with less, but still enjoy it more than most things.
  Gnocchi and homemade sauce.
  Tuesdays, because it is new book release day.
  Finally finding someone to pay me to read books.
  Funny cat videos.
  New recipes.
  Books on pre-order. I love a morning new book surprise.
  Saturday trips to Target.
  Ipsy Glam Bags.
  New kitchen gadgets.
  Joe Biden memes.
  My health.
  Coffee. Please don’t underestimate how much a enjoy it.
  The roof over my head.
  The food in my fridge.
  Comfy beds and feather pillows.
  The warm clothes in my closet (ok, in the laundry basket on the floor).
  A job that let’s me write as silly or as serious as I’d like.
  New endeavors at that job that have made this year all the more interesting. #WebbWeeklyLive
  The brave men and women, past and present, for defending our freedom. Without their hard work and sacrifice, very little of this list would be possible.

  One last thing. Webb Weekly’s success is dependent on small businesses. On that note, don’t forget that Saturday is Small Business Saturday. Please go out and patronize your local businesses. Successful local business leads to successful communities. Everyone wins when you support local business!