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Where Are the Witches?


Attention boys and girls! It is time once again for Webb Weekly’s annual Halloween contest! I’m sure you know how this works, but just in case you forgot, let me refresh your memory.
  Scattered throughout this issue you will find a variety of witches. All you need to do is count them…easy peasy. Then do the same thing next week. Take those two numbers, add them together and then send me your total.
  You can email the answer to, or you can drop a post card in the snail mail at Webb Weekly, 280 Kane St., Suite 2, South Williamsport, PA 17702. Entries must be submitted by Oct. 21st and only one entry per person. Winners will be listed in the Oct. 26th edition.
  I will then take everyone who answered correctly and pick 10 random winners. Winners will receive a bucket full of goodies big enough to give you several cavities!
  Each year we alternate donating a dollar to either the SPCA or LAPS for each entry we receive and this year it is LAPS’s turn! Be sure to get your entries in and help support a great cause. Plus ya know…candy. So. Much. Candy.
  So look carefully and count them up! I get a little sneaky when I place them, so make sure you check every page closely!
  So chop-chop lollipop! Get counting and good luck!!
  Since we are on the subject of Halloween, have you picked your costume yet? I really love Halloween, and picking out a costume is both my favorite and least part! Finding something interesting, deciding if Erik and I are going to do something together or separate; there are so many choices out there sometimes it is really hard to decide! My friends group is taking on the Addams Family as a group costume thing. Naturally, I will be Wednesday and found a great tutorial on Pintrest to make Erik Cousin It. It should make for a lot of fun this Halloween!
  We’d love to hear about you and/or your kids’ Halloween costumes, so share it with us on Facebook, or better yet, post some pictures!
  If I receive enough pictures via Facebook ( and/or email ( maybe you’ll see your little one on an upcoming cover! You can even attach the picture to your email entry (