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  So we all know that there are a lot of really amazing people in our area that are doing really amazing things for our area.
  Do you know some of them? Do you want everyone else to know about them also?
  Then please tell me all about them!
  You can call me at 570-326-9322, but the best thing would be to shoot me an email at Tell me all about your amazing person/people that’s doing something amazing in/for our and the best person to contact about getting more information about them so I can potentially have a writer get in touch with them! That’s all, easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy! Amazing person  –> contact info  –>!
  Also, don’t forget about team photos! You know we love us some sports around here, so be sure to email me your team photos! Just be sure to ID the kiddos, so everyone knows who they are!
  Oh! Oh! And recipes! We love a good recipe ‘round here too! I’ll tell you what  – if you send me a recipe, I’ll personally make the recipe for my lovely co-workers so that I can include a pic to go with it when I publish it. Just take it easy on me. My culinary skills are pretty legit, but Julia Childs I am not, so let’s leave the Coq Au Vin to the professionals!

  As the weather turns cooler and fall really sets in, a good chunk of us will be spending more time indoors. You know what that mean right? Yep, Netflix. I have cable. And for an hour or so each morning while I get myself around, I have it on in the background. Other than that, we are a Netflix family in my home. So what’s good to watch right now and this coming fall? What are your favorites? Here’s one girl’s humble opinion on what’s good on Netflix.
Mad Men – I have started and stopped this show several times, now that the series is finished, it’s just a matter of time before Netflix carries all the episodes and I can truly binge watch this show!
House of Cards – Now, I’m not one for political drama (real or on TV) but I have heard that this show is amazing and I think it will be worth checking out. Netflix’s Original Content Game is strong, and I don’t foresee this being any different.
Friday Night Lights  – I am not too proud to admit that I have seen every episode of this show at least twice, but there is something about fall that makes me want to pull this gem out of the Nexflix queue and watch it all over again!
Parks and Recreation  – This is another one that I have seen before, but it is the perfect fall back when you are overwhelmed with Netflix options and don’t know what else to watch.
Futurama  – Again, there are some things that I can watch over and over and this show is one of the biggest. Some smart, some not so smart comedy (both of which I love equally) paired with actual emotion in a cartoon? Can’t beat that! Just as long as I avoid the ‘Jurassic Bark’ episode, all is well  – no one should cry that much watching a cartoon!
The League  – Ok, so it takes a special person to really appreciate a show like The League. First let me put it out there, you don’t actually need to know anything about Fantasy Football to watch this show, but you’ll probably want to start your own league by the time you finish the first season. But you do need to know that there is some pretty crude comedy in this one, so fair warning.
Star Trek – The Next Generation  – Hubs and I are currently working our way through this series. I used to watch this A LOT when I was a kid (thanks Mom!), but I am still enjoying re-watching the series as an adult. But some things still hold true  – Q is a jerk and I really dislike his episodes. Star Trek the Original Series is also available on Netflix if you want to take a walk a little further down memory lane.
Daredevil – This is another Netflix original and is worth the watch even if you aren’t familiar with the comic books. Don’t let Ben Affleck deter you; this series puts that movie to shame. And if you pace yourself  – you can let this series lead you into the next Marvel/Netflix mash-up  – Jessica Jones – which will lead to Luke Cage and The Defenders.
Lost – Just my personal opinion, this is really the only way to watch this show. I don’t think I could have tolerated all of the cliffhangers that would have been involved in watching week-to-week; this is definitely a binge watchers best friend.
  So there’s my list, what I have watched and loved, what I’ll be re-watching and what I can’t wait to watch! Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and offer up more suggestions!