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Fall Bucket List…Again



It seems that every year I make a ‘Fall Bucket List’ and every year I fail to complete everything that I want to do. Either life gets in the way or the weather turns too quickly to get everything accomplished.
  This year, I am bound and determined to get everything done. So I am going to go through each item and plot how/where I am going to get these things done!
  Ready? Let’s go…
• Visit a Pumpkin Patch – Ok, easy enough, we have plenty around and while carving pumpkins isn’t really my forte, my hubby has knack for it, so I know he’ll keep me on task. Both Tom Styer’s and Green Barn Berry Farm have pumpkin patches and Tom Styer’s even has hayrides, which isn’t on the list, but who doesn’t love a good hayride?
• Apple Picking – Marshalek’s, Wentzler’s and Steinbacher’s all offer great opportunities for apples in the fall!
• Have a Bonfire – Well lucky for me, I can do this right in my own backyard! This is a great way to spend an evening with friends and neighbors! We just did this a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed the time with good friends and got to know a neighbor more also! Win/win all around!
• Eat S’Mores – Well this just goes hand in hand with the bonfire doesn’t it? Two birds and all that! Ooey, gooey goodness abounds in my backyard this fall! So to all my neighbors, stop by and join us for a s’more and fire!
• Visit a Corn Maze – Snyder’s Farm, here I come! I did this a couple of years ago and had a great time! I’d love to re-visit and check out a new maze.
• Drink Apple Cider – this seems like a great way to use up those apples I picked earlier. I’m not sure how to make apple cider, but I’m guessing Pinterest is loaded with ideas. After I have the cider done, I already have plans for what to do with it. I found this great recipe for a hot apple cider:
• 4 mug’s worth of apple cider
• 1 mug’s worth of caramel vodka
• 1 tablespoon cinnamon
• 1/4 cup brown sugar
• Mix all of the ingredients above in a large pot.
• Heat over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until liquid just begins to steam (don’t over heat or else the alcohol will burn off).
• While cider is warming up, take your mugs or glasses and rim them with brown sugar.
• Pour cider into your rimmed glasses, serve and enjoy!
• Admire the Changing Colors – One of the best parts of living in Central Pennsylvania is that I can do this pretty much anytime from anywhere! One of the easiest and prettiest views is when you are crossing the Market or Maynard Street bridges into South Williamsport. A lovely drive over Rt. 654 into the Valley, or over Rt. 554 into Elimsport will get the job done too. A late season ride on the Hiawatha offers up some amazing fall views also!
• Make Chili – Mmmmmm chili! Is there much better than really good chili on a chilly night (See what I did there?) I’m sure there are a ton of great recipes out there for amazing chili, but I don’t have a one. So if you have a really good, please send it my way! I look forward to trying and finding the best this fall!
  So there you have it! My Fall Bucket List – planned out and ready to go! I’ll let you know in December how it worked out for me ;-)

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